Monday, January 2, 2012

Date with my hubby!

Oh wait, this picture was from my date with a moose...

Ah, now we're on to the right set of pictures. Payless released a new line of ultraflexible "Octopus" shoes. The picture really freaked me out. They made an octopus out of shoes!

We walked from our parking spot to the restaurant in the -2C icy streets.

Luckily, my feet are tough enough to take it! My poor legs got really cold though. I realized too late that I should have worn pants.

We found this really cute alleyway!

Drinking hot chocolate to warm up after our long cold walk. (Parking today was insane so it was a LONG walk. Apparently the day after New Years is a stat holiday? What, so everyone can recover from their hangovers or something? Regardless, EVERYONE was out shopping and eating.)

Tired but happy to be spending some time with my husband.

I was even able to talk him in to taking a picture of my feet under the table, as per an earlier request I got on

Thanks to everyone for all the New Years wishes, all of the Twitter follows, and all of the get well wishes for my husband. He's finally doing better, and I'm hoping for a new year full of health, prosperity, and bare feet for all.


  1. Sierra, hiw can you manage to walk barefoot with so cold weather and so low temperatures ? Unfortunately, I can't bear so cold ground under my soles !

  2. I don't know really how I do it, I just always have. As long as my feet don't get wet, I'm ok.

  3. which is the lowest temperature that you have walked?

    and the dirtiest place?

  4. how long are you barefoot?
    and howold are you?

  5. The lowest temperature I have ever walked is -37 C. The dirtiest place is the parking garage at West Edmonton Mall. I've been going barefoot my whole life, except at work. I am 21.

  6. Did you go to school barefoot when you were a child?

  7. I would wear shoes into the school building and then slip them off under my desk.