Monday, September 17, 2012

Astotin Lake Hike

Went camping with my family last weekend at Astotin Lake. The next morning we hiked around the lake.

I made the hubby build me a fire and warm me up first.

On my way to the hiking trail!

Kind of a ballerina pose. Sorry, I just walk while my husband takes pictures.

Woohoo, up a hill.

The bottoms of my feet are ready to take on that gravel path.

Not intimidated by these massive rocks.

They are a little bad for balance though.

Pretty lake!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fieldtrip to the Zoo!

My good friends were in town, so I suggested we take their kids to the zoo. They absolutely loved it and the grownups were worn out at the end of the day from chasing cute kids around.

Stroller duty is easier than toddler chasing duty.

I was actually surprised at how large the zoo in Edmonton is. It's in an out of the way residential area near the river, so I wasn't expecting much. It's not the biggest zoo, but it's much more than I was expecting.

Uhoh, the kids saw the ice cream stand.

I guess it's snack time. We spent the rest of the day covered in ice cream. :D

Barefoot me and... nephew!

He's a baby, though, so that's to be expected.

Barefoot niece! Yes, those are her shoes in the photo and yes, this was posed, but she actually does have an interest in barefooting and will sometimes refuse to wear shoes. It's awesome.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Carpet to match

We're looking into buying a condo, but it needs some work. We spent a bit of time at a flooring store to try to find new carpet and tile to replace the icky old stuff.

Quite the selection to browse through.

A nice wood floor would be cool.

But which type of wood would you choose?

Kneeling pose!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


 We went camping with my grandpa. He loaded up the back of his truck with sticks and logs so we could have firewood to burn when we got there. My job was to help unload it.

Hubby got the nice easy job of taking pictures.

Woohoo, fun times.

My grandpa built that shed himself.

It's his wood shed that he keeps stocked full of firewood so he always has something to burn when he goes camping.

Now it's set for a while.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little bunny Foofoo

We have two bunnies. The brown on is a boy and his name is Caramel. The white one is a girl and her name is Pepper. Today we took them out of their pens for some cuddles.

Caramel loves his mommy.

He's a very well behaved rabbit, much more calm than Pepper is.

She's been better behaved lately than usual, which is a relief.

Before we brought Caramel home, Pepper was very angsty and wouldn't let us hold her.

We think she was just lonely, because now that she has a boyfriend, she's all cuddly and calm again.

She'll even sit on my feet without having to be held.

Such a cutie!

I love my bunnies.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where in Atlanta is Peachtree?

That's what my shirt says. It's one of my favorite shirts. The shirt has a map of all the streets in Atlanta that have peach or peachtree in their name. I figured that was a better title than, "Hey, look at me touching nasty stinky beer bottles!"

Cause that's what I'm doing in this post.

While my brother-in-law was staying with my in-laws, he drank lots of pop and beer, but the cans and bottles in garbage bags in the backyard, and left them for us to recycle. (That's not a complaint, RJ, it's a thank you!) Along with all of our recyclables, we took them to the bottle depot to get our deposits back.

We had holy-crap, oh-my-gosh, so many bottles.

It took almost half an hour to sort through them all.

This bag was leaking.


We donated some cans to the children's hospital.

Yay, good deed for the day.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picnic in the Park

Today I spoke to an art gallery downtown about getting some of my artwork on display. I walked around downtown and did a little shopping and then had a picnic in a park.

Yummy picnic food included a cheese stick, fruit leather, and carrot sticks.

I wore my barefoot sandals to avoid getting yelled at by security.

Downtown streets turned the bottom of my feet black.

Oh look, yummy picnic food in my lap!

And then Peter poked my foot.

Still trying to figure out my timer on my camera so I can get decent photos without help.

Dirty feet!

Next time I go downtown, I'll remember to take some wipes with me.