Friday, February 3, 2012

Kitty cats and snow

Yesterday I made another attempt at getting the cats to yodel. Still no luck but lots of cute pictures!

The cats, interestingly enough, have more trouble walking on the snow than I do. When they step, the force of their paws isn't enough to displace the snow, but as soon as they shift their weight, they sink. So with each step, there is a 1 second delayed response sinking, which makes it hard for them to move quickly.

Me on the other hand...

I just sink, but because it's much less sinking in proportion to my height, I can move just fine.



  1. We get precious little snow in LA, so it's easier to go barefoot most of the time. If I were in beautiful Alberta, however, I'd *still* do it. Some stores here insist on shoes, but most don't. You're OK at Costco here as long as you wear something to get past the bouncer at the door..

  2. LOL bouncer. I have never been told to wear shoes in Costco, but I always have an emergency pair of flats just in case.

  3. Sometimes I think the bouncers' *only* job is to watch particularly for us although at Costco it's definitly about verifying membership cards. There's a building in LA called the Pacific Design Center, called The Blue Whale because it's just a big long blue building. Out front in the main courtyard is this amazing wading pool.. that's the only way to describe it, and you just want to go splashing around in it, so that's exactly what you have to do.. Quickly. After about 15 seconds a uniformed guard comes over and says "Excuse me..", after which you have an additional polite 5-10 seconds before it would be considered outright defiance. I swear it's his only job. Same at the Apple Store in NY. I think the figure there was 20 seconds. I was tempted to make him come in after me! Here's the whale:

  4. Oh, oh.. I know.. revisit the Apple Store pool, and go in wearing white iPhone earphones! Then you can feign deafness while conveniently turning away, dancing in the rain..

    Then, get someone to film it and go viral.. prank with payoff!

  5. Sierra is so beautiful and has such lovely feet that I would love to see her going everywhere barefoot in my home town!