Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Painting house

My in-laws rented their house out to a guy that kind of wrecked their walls. Now that he's out, we're repainting.

Since I'm so nice and tall, my job is to get the corners and tops of the walls that everyone else can't reach.

In the process of painting, I must have stepped in some paint.

Poor chair.

These are my favorite pants. They do wonderful things for my booty.

Bad news: I got paint on my fav pants. Good news: The paint is water based, so it came off in the wash.

Had to scrub pretty hard to get this paint off my feet, but it too eventually came off.


  1. should have left tha paint on:) and let it gradually come off the soles of your feet. It would have been like a design. Try it next time:)

    1. I would have, but I had church in the morning.

  2. Sierra, Did you go to the church barefoot as well?

  3. My dreams come true when I saw ur dirty soles
    But I'm astonished that ur soles aren't that tough and ur heels aren't cracked??