Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Barefoot Bride!

We are finally married! And Peter finally gave me permission to put actual pictures of him on my blog so that his family can see our pictures. Yay! We were married for time and all eternity in the Cardston, Alberta LDS temple. All the temple workers thought it was awesome that I was barefoot (but building rules are that I have to have shoes on while inside).

Peter and his parents

Us with Peter's parents

Our photographer told us to form a V. So we did. Apparently that's not what she meant. PS, these pictures are totally not in order.

This is what she actually meant by "make a V."

We had all of the bridesmaids be barefoot except for our dear friend who has to wear a compression stocking to prevent blood clots. I was barefoot too, but that dang dress is so poofy and long that you can't even tell.

As you've probably guessed, these are not the official photographer's pictures. Those will become available on the Wild Rose Images blog shortly, and I'll post a link to them then.

Making an Asian face with my Asian. Ah, true love at long last.

The reason I look dazed is because I was really sick but I still had to stand in this stupid line up for two hours before I almost passed out and my mother finally let me sit down.

Luckily, Peter had enough energy to keep the party going.

It's time for me to go to work, but I'll get some more up when I'm home.

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  1. and P.S. These photos are totally not taken by your photographer. Those will be available later.