Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Canada!

Peter and I went to Elk Island National Park to celebrate Canada Day.

Elk Island is famous for its buffalo.

We didn't see any while we were there, but we did see plenty of signs that they had been in the area!

At some point, we lost Peter's parents, so we went and explored Sandy Beach and the docks.

I got to play in the sand!

This sign can't scare me!

They should rename this place foamy beach!

I made an anklet out of seaweed.

So pretty.

It was actually really itchy.

Washing off the itchy

After all the fun we had, I had to put my ankle brace back on so that I didn't reinjure my ankle. That would be terrible to have to be wearing this thing in my wedding pictures!

Happy Canada Day everyone!


  1. Nice job! Have you seen any other barefoot people around?

  2. Not recently. I saw a barefoot girl in West Edmonton Mall a few months back, but that was the last time.