Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brother's birthday!

My brother turned 15! We went to go visit him in honor of the occasion! I stopped outside my parent's house to take a bite of some crunchy looking leaves.

Fun fact: These are the same rocks as the ones I'm standing on in my pictures from last fall.

The only difference is that my soles are way tougher now!

We gave my brother organic tomatoes for his birthday. That's what I'm holding in that bag.

He didn't know we were coming, so it really surprised him when I just walked down the street and he saw me through his window.


  1. I also like to walk barefoot in leaves, that's my favorite game in my garden in autumn.

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  3. When are you going to make a new post?

  4. Soon. I just haven't had time to take any photos, with my husband being sick, and now I'm sick too. I have some random photos taken over the last month. I'll get them up by then end of the week and I'm going to get a barefoot guide to surviving winter up by the end of the week as well.

  5. Are your sons/daughter (if you're planning to have) going to be barefooters too?

  6. I will leave that to them to decide. I definitely won't stop them from wearing shoes if they want to. but I will make them wear shoes during winters and on hot pavement when they are young so that they don't get hurt.