Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Edmonton Arts Festival

Went to the city arts festival today with my husband and my brother!

My feet got filthy while grocery shopping.

Washing them off in the pool.

This pool was really cold!

Gloating about how awesome Florida will be.

My brother got jealous and splashed me. He hasn't been to Florida since 2006, but I go all the time.

He did a pretty thorough job of splashing me.

I got him back for it.

Our wet feet prints.

He didn't get his feet as clean as I did.

My cute feet!

This is an awesome street performer who came all the way to do his routine!  A few bits of his routine can be found in the videos on my facebook page.

Silly faces!

Statue gets some love.

I added a poem to the poem book in city hall.


  1. Fantastic dirty sole shot! More, More & More! The streets are waiting for you!!!

    1. Thanks, glad you like them! More coming!

  2. You have gorgeous feet:) I love them. But, I gurantee...before I alot of photos you must wash your feet as if you are ashamed to take photos of your soles filthy?..lol. There is no way if you are barefoot and go places and walk...that the next moment when the photo is taken that your soles are completely clean??? Please take photos "AS IS"...Filthy soles are a part of the barefoot lifestyle...your feet are beautiful Sierra.

    1. I do take photos as is. I live in a very clean city. Obviously my feet are not perfectly clean all the time, but if you look in some of the other posts in which I haven't just played in a pool, you will see dirt on my feet.

    2. Yes Sierra...you are correct. I do see your soles filthy on some of the other photos. You are absolutely correct. And I love them:) (this is the guy who replied to you on July 19th,2012 at 4:18PM) You correct:) I love your feet. I was hoping that you could take some photos on your knees, with your soles side by side and the the camera pointing down at them. It would really show your wrinkles, callouses and filthy soles very well. Just a suggestion:) Thanks!

    3. I've done poses like that before with a lot of success, so I'll try it again. Look for it in a post in the near future!

  3. I am absolutely certain that you love going unshod!!!!!!!! I certainly do; especially in the summertime, and at many festivals as I can! Keep it up, girl!