Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moving Day, Part 3

Ok, I am getting really sick of moving. It's so exhausting. Just one more day of this. I can do it!

I need a power nap first.

A rundown of my exhausting day: On very little sleep, I drove an hour out to the farm to pack some more of our things and load them up. That took three hours. While I was there, I noticed that my yellow jacket sting I got on Saturday (at the buffalo thing... we accidentally stood on their nest) was really swollen and was turning purple. Figured I would go to the doctor once I got back to Edmonton and drove to Edmonton. Unloaded the things in my vehicle into our new place and was in sooo much pain from my sting. I called the doctor and they told me to put baking soda and cold water on it. Now it's much less painful, but I still had to go back to the farm and finish packing. Hence, this picture:

32 oz of licorice milkshake later (Have I mentioned how I'm addicted to Burger Baron milkshakes? ) I was feeling much more energetic!

Apparently all I need to make me happy is some artificially flavored frozen milk product.

This rug I'm standing on came all the way from Saudi Arabia!

My in-laws have this office mat in their garage. It's one of those plastic ones that has those hard spikes on the bottom so it will stick to your carpet. You're supposed to put your rolley office chair on it so you can actually use the wheels, but instead they just have it in their garage for people with bare feet to step on.

It's my favorite part of going in their garage.

This is my second favorite part - dirty feet yay!

The dirt really emphasizes my footprint.

Kneeling pose, as per request.

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  1. Beautiful Update! Keep them filthy!!