Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where in Atlanta is Peachtree?

That's what my shirt says. It's one of my favorite shirts. The shirt has a map of all the streets in Atlanta that have peach or peachtree in their name. I figured that was a better title than, "Hey, look at me touching nasty stinky beer bottles!"

Cause that's what I'm doing in this post.

While my brother-in-law was staying with my in-laws, he drank lots of pop and beer, but the cans and bottles in garbage bags in the backyard, and left them for us to recycle. (That's not a complaint, RJ, it's a thank you!) Along with all of our recyclables, we took them to the bottle depot to get our deposits back.

We had holy-crap, oh-my-gosh, so many bottles.

It took almost half an hour to sort through them all.

This bag was leaking.


We donated some cans to the children's hospital.

Yay, good deed for the day.

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  1. Ciao Sierra! I'm an italian fan of yours. I've followed your barefoot adventures for long time! I really admire your bravery going around barefoot everywhere. I think you're a strong person who doesn't care about people stupid reaction.Unfortunately, here in Italy women are so keen on their fashion shoes...
    Now i have two questions for your next Q & A post.
    1. Is it annoying for you if someone stared at your nice feet (not because they dislike your barefoot style but, on the contrary, because they like your feet)? And is your husband jealous if it happens?
    2. what do you think about footfetish people (like me) who find sexy a nice woman who goes barefoot in public?
    Ps: if you come in Italy, come barefoot!