Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little bunny Foofoo

We have two bunnies. The brown on is a boy and his name is Caramel. The white one is a girl and her name is Pepper. Today we took them out of their pens for some cuddles.

Caramel loves his mommy.

He's a very well behaved rabbit, much more calm than Pepper is.

She's been better behaved lately than usual, which is a relief.

Before we brought Caramel home, Pepper was very angsty and wouldn't let us hold her.

We think she was just lonely, because now that she has a boyfriend, she's all cuddly and calm again.

She'll even sit on my feet without having to be held.

Such a cutie!

I love my bunnies.


  1. I would like to gve you a foot massage.

  2. what a lucky rabbit ;)...and very nice feet ;)

  3. I love your feet #footfetish #hardon