Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fieldtrip to the Zoo!

My good friends were in town, so I suggested we take their kids to the zoo. They absolutely loved it and the grownups were worn out at the end of the day from chasing cute kids around.

Stroller duty is easier than toddler chasing duty.

I was actually surprised at how large the zoo in Edmonton is. It's in an out of the way residential area near the river, so I wasn't expecting much. It's not the biggest zoo, but it's much more than I was expecting.

Uhoh, the kids saw the ice cream stand.

I guess it's snack time. We spent the rest of the day covered in ice cream. :D

Barefoot me and...

...barefoot nephew!

He's a baby, though, so that's to be expected.

Barefoot niece! Yes, those are her shoes in the photo and yes, this was posed, but she actually does have an interest in barefooting and will sometimes refuse to wear shoes. It's awesome.


  1. The reaction of men to women who go barefoot make me laugh. I go barefoot all of the time and I ALWAYS see men looking at me. I don't doubt for a second that some of it's intimidation on their part. Some of it is definitely attraction but ALOT of it is intimidation. I can walk on a blacktop driveway or play basketball against my boyfriend on that driveway barefoot. He tried it once and fell to the ground and quickly scrambled for his shoes.
    Down by the beach I had to carry HIM on my back because the stones were too sharp for his feet and I could stomp on the same stones.

    A barefoot woman is VERY feminine yet strong. Much stronger than the way men are strong. My ankles, from going barefoot, are like iron. I can twist Kevin's ankle with easy when we're wrestling but if he tries it to me I don't even budge.

    1. Oh, I totally agree that some men are intimidated by a barefoot woman. I think it's because of the symbol of strength that living without shoes is.

    2. Not this guy! I L-O-V-E a barefoot woman. In fact, I would love to date and maybe eventually marry a woman who goes barefoot. So, intimidation? No. Attraction? Betta' believe it!

  2. I dont' see what it matter's if your barefoot or or not. I dont mind it I go barefoot my self not too much out in public though mainly around the yard or house. Ive been barefoot in a store and I use to go barefoot during high school sometime's. Too many people make a big deal out of it though. If I could I would go barefoot 100% of the time myself.

    1. I love going barefoot and I don't understand why it's not societally ok. I encourage you to increase your endeavours in barefooting.

  3. Did the zoo workers say anything about you being barefoot?