Monday, June 13, 2011

A brief history of my adventures

I'm starting this blog after approximately 20 years of living a barefoot life. I'm running the risk of being non sequiter here, but I feel like it is unfair to start this blog without some form of background information. Here's a few pictures from the past year of my barefoot life.

June 2010 - Camping with my cousins along Lee Creek

July 2010 - Showing off my Canadian pride

August 2010 - Gleefully ditching my heels after a "shoes required" business event

September 2010 - Outdoor pillow fight with my cousins

October 2010 - Celebrating after landing my dream job, meaning leaving the small town where I was born and moving to the big city

November 2010 - Making cookies for my boyfriend (now my fiance)

December 2010 - Getting ready for Christmas

January 2011 - I went to a Steve Erkle themed dance party

February 2011 - I got engaged!

For some reason, I don't have any of my pictures from March through now on my laptop, which means it's on my fiance's laptop. More pics will come later, I promise!


  1. Nice pics....Do you actually go barefoot during the winter...I know it gets called in Canada because I have visited my sister in Toronto and it gets cold there...

  2. Yep, I went barefoot for most of the winter. I would put shoes on when it got below -20 C, but until that point, I was barefoot, and typically I was only wearing flip flops when I was wearing shoes.

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