Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding dress!

I had the final fitting for my wedding dress today! The countdown is now at 29 days!

It fits me absolutely perfectly! I love it! I'm so so so excited to wear it on the big day!

This is my favorite thing about bridal shops - they require everyone to be barefoot, just like me!

Bye bye bridal shop! Thanks Beautiful Bride in Calgary for all your help in selecting the dress I'm going to wear on the most important day of my life.


  1. Nice wedding dress... Will you being going barefoot at your wedding?

  2. At the wedding itself, I have to wear shoes, as per the building's rules. I'm not putting up a fuss about it because that's where I wanted to get married ever since I was a little girl. Once I leave the building where we're getting married, I will be barefoot for the photos and the receptions.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with me....You will make a beautiful bride...and I can't wait to see some of the photos....

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