Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My cousin's German Shepherd had puppies! If you're in western Canada (or if you're willing to travel really far for a dog!) and want one, let me know. They're pure bred, very friendly and their dad's a police dog.

They're 4 weeks old now, so they'll be ready to take home in 2 weeks. They really like licking feet!

They love being petted.

They even love it when you pet them with your toes!

Yum, filthy feet from walking around on the farm.

We went down to the family farm for a few days while finishing the last details for my wedding next month.

Recently, though, a little glitch came up in the plans. I sprained my ankle pretty badly last weekend and it won't be healed for at least 4 weeks.

I can't have this ugly brace in my wedding pictures!

Good thing my dress is long enough to cover it!

Enjoy the pics of the adorable puppies and my cute bare feet!


  1. Nice pups and very nice feet, I like how they are shown everywhere and you always kinda make sure they stay near the pups so they are never far from feet :) Do you handle your feet well when the pups sniff and lick them?