Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dancing for Rain

 Hubby goes barefoot!

Squishy after-rain lawns are slippery.



Standing in a puddle with my head cut off.

Somebody let their dog run loose on wet cement. Probably a bad idea.

Yay, pretty daisies that I'm not allergic to!

Love me some daisies. They're my favorite flower, in case anyone was wondering.


  1. my girlfriend always goes barefoot too.
    I hope this doesn't sound weird, but there's something intimidating and cool about it.
    I hate going barefoot because it hurts too much. But she can literally walk on sharp stones or hot surfaces and it doesn't even phase her.
    When it comes to that she's MUCH tougher than I am.
    She can even put a cigarette butt out on her heel.

    1. Wow, that's great that she can do that! I've always been too scared to put a cigarette butt to my foot. I rely on them too much for work to risk injuring them.

    2. She only did it once off of a dare from my friend. It was over who was tougher. She only did that to show that she was tougher than him. He laughed and said "you win".

      Another thing is she had really strong toes. She can snap a No. 2 pencil inbetween them.

      I tried and it only hurt me.

    3. I've accidentally broken a pencil between my toes while walking. I'm a klutz like that. It did hurt a bit, but I think only because I was tripping while it broke.

    4. That's still pretty insane!!

      We were at a hotel room visiting DisneyLand and I was writing something in my notepad. She was kicking back on the bed and I took the pencil and tried to weave it inbetween her toes. She curled her toes up and just snapped the pencil.

      I tried for about 5 minutes but it hurt soooooooooo bad. I had to stop because I was getting a bruise.

  2. You also look taller than your boyfriend.

    I'm 5'7 my girlfriend is 5'11.
    I feel bad about being so short but she says it doesn't bother her at all. But still, I bet she'd like to be with a taller guy. But she's too nice to ever say it.

    1. I am about 7 inches taller than my husband. When I first met him and my friend suggested I go on a date with him, the height difference was a little weird, but once I fell in love with him, it didn't matter.

    2. That's cool to hear!!
      I'm not embarrassed to be with her, I just assume she's embarrassed to be with me.

      I'm a lucky guy to have her.

      I'm 5'7 145 and she's 5'11 180lbs. But I'm going to start weightlifting because I want her to know I can protect her. That, and she always laughs when we wear shorts because my legs are little sticks compared to hers. But she doesn't laugh in a mean way. She said, "I could beat you up.... but you're still my sweetie".

    3. I would recommend martial arts more so than weight lifting if you're looking to protect your girlfriend. I'm not all that muscular, but after my husband taught me a few moves, I was able to fight off a guy that was mugging me. All weight lifting would give you is strength. Without the practical application, you won't be able to do as much.

    4. Good point!!

      I do alittle boxing to stay in shape but I don't know how to wrestle. When I turn 19 I was going to start having some amateur boxing matches.
      But I need to know how to wrestle better because when Britt and I wrestle she can easily pin me. I know wrestling is more than just pinning. But I have no clue what I'm doing. It usually ends with me trapped between her legs and she squeezing me till I yelp out loud. Which doesn't take too long.
      But, and this will probably sound like I'm making excuses, she's taller and about 40lbs heavier than me.
      I told her once, "I like boxing but I'd never hit you." Because she said she thinks boxing is violent.
      When I said that she said, "good, because if you did I'd take you down and squeeze you till your ribs cracked". ONLY JOKING THOUGH!! she's not a violent girl