Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let's Go to the Mall

Oil stains in the parking lot make my feet turn black.

Also, the West Edmonton mall floor is really dirty, so they stayed black.

That guy in the background then came up and started talking to my husband. Apparently they know each other. My hubby likes to play the game, "Let's see how many people at West Ed I can find that know me."

Hubby: Want to take a picture in front of that car?
Me: No, but I do want to be super cheezin' so I will anyway.

Bye bye, mall!


  1. Nice stroll in the mall. What did you buy ? May be the yellow car -lol- !

  2. I bought some face scrub and body wash. It smells really nice!

  3. You and the car look good together! What type of car was it?

  4. Luv the barefoot in jeans look! So very pretty! :)
    U have gorgeous feet!

  5. Oh my god, you have a pretty black soles!!! I like this galery, but you not have problems with the loOks of the people??? I love your lifestyle, bless you from México

    1. Oh, I get stares all right. I just don't have the guts to get a picture of the people staring at me.

  6. Very sexy and beautiful. My girlfriend goes barefoot allot. I just love because then I get to clean them when she get home.

  7. I know this is an old post, but just thought I'd post a comment basically saying "Wow!". It's so nice to see a lady that loves going barefoot, and is unapologetic about showing off her dirty soles to the world - - I should actually say sexy, dirty soles!!

    Those shots at the mall were fantastic, and I'm sure I'd be staring more than a little if I was there. Ditto for the garden shots!!

    And yes, as you can imagine, I adore women's feet ... and, perhaps women in general! ;)


    Foot Lover

  8. You should do a photo shoot with black soles. That would be awesome!

  9. How tall are you? I think you are very attractive.

  10. I would give anything be able to lick your your feet clean does your husband lick them clean for you