Thursday, June 21, 2012

Never before seen photos of Sierra the Barefoot Girl!

Before I started my blog, I wasn't really conscious of getting my bare feet into photos. In fact, I was a little bit phobic about it sometimes. Here, for your viewing pleasure, and some old photos you haven't seen before! (I have another great one of me in a tree at age 11, but it's an actual photograph so I'll have to scan it   for you!)

Oh, college days. This was a party we had on our patio. My face didn't make it in the photo, but my foot did!

Making bracelets to sell to raise money for an orphanage in Ghana. If you want to donate, click here.

 This is a random shot my cousin took of me outside of her house about 3 years ago.

Back in college, my room mates and I took "family" photos. The barefoot thing wasn't planned. We just all happened to go outside barefoot a lot. (I was the only one who would do it in snow though.)

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